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Ontario Bird Photographers

We are the Bird Nerds, and we love taking photos of birds. We’re amateur bird photographers from Ontario, Canada, and we’re in this for the long haul.

Trevor and Ashley

We met in high school, dated for years and only recently got married; settling down right where we grew up in the Niagara region. We both work in the city we were born in, which was a tall order in today’s economy.

Whenever possible, we escape our day-to-day to go on bird photography adventures in Ontario. Most of our photos are taken right here in Niagara, but we’ve been known to go on road trips in search of more illustrious species.

Our Mission

Our mission is to show the beauty, excitement, and creativity of bird photography while bringing others along for the ride. We are true animal lovers at heart, with an extra special appreciation for our colorful avian friends.  We’ll cover everything from our recommended cameras and lenses to tips on improving your post processing skills.

Why birds? Their behavior is fascinating, they provide a challenge, and their colors are unlike anything else nature has to offer. Our planet is full of amazing places and creatures, and exploring new locations in search of birds is the perfect excuse to see the world.

As far as this journey has taken us, we are just getting started.

While some bird photographers take themselves very seriously, we prefer to take a light-hearted approach. We get excited over the little things, including the stories that accompany each one of our photos.

So please join us on our journey to discover and photograph as many birds as possible in our lifetime. You can find us on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

Maybe we’ll see you out there!

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