Pentax Spotting Scope Review
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80mm Pentax Spotting Scope Review (PF-ED80-A)

In this post, we’ll review a desirable Pentax spotting scope that has changed the way we approach the hobby of birding. The Pentax PF-80ED-A is sophisticated optical instrument designed for high-magnification views of one of mother nature’s greatest observing challenges; birds. The addition of a new optical instrument for birding will often result in a number of “ah-ha” moments, as…

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How to Digiscope with a DSLR – Best Practices for Bird Photography

Did you know that it’s possible to take incredible bird photography images using a process known as digiscoping? You’ve probably ran into birders in the field using spotting scopes and a point and shoot digital camera. The method we will describe in this post takes this idea one step further. Thanks to Trevor’s extensive background in astrophotography, we’ve been able…

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