Northern cardinal
Bird photography

The Northern Cardinal

The northern cardinal (Cardinalis cardinalis) is a common bird in North America and is the state bird of several states. It is known for its bright red plumage and crest on its head. When is the Best Time to See a Cardinal? The best time to see a cardinal bird depends on the specific location and climate, but in general,…

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Photographing small birds
Bird photography, Equipment, Warblers

Tips for Photographing Small Birds

In this article, we’ll share our tips for photographing small birds with your digital camera and telephoto lens. This type of wildlife photography can be both challenging and rewarding. Small birds, which often include songbirds, are a highly desirable species to photograph due to their striking colors and boisterous songs. It also means that, due to their size, they can…

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Bird Photography Camera
Bird photography, Equipment

Bird Photography: Does Your Camera Really Matter?

Photography can be an intimidating hobby. Not only do you have to understand terms like exposure, ISO, and shutter speed and how they all interact with one another, but you are faced with some (potentially) expensive decisions depending on your gear choice.  As a beginner, it’s important to realize that every photographer has been faced with the same tough decision…

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Birding tour Costa Rica
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Our Costa Rica Birding Tour

Our guided birding tour in Costa Rica included stops in varying climates, from the dry savanna habitat of Santa Rosa National Park, to the rain forest of Santa Anita. In total, we saw over 100 species of birds in Costa Rica thanks to our skilled tour guide from Natural Discovery Costa Rica. Planning an international birding trip can be daunting.…

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How to Digiscope with a DSLR – Best Practices for Bird Photography

Did you know that it’s possible to take incredible bird photography images using a process known as digiscoping? You’ve probably ran into birders in the field using spotting scopes and a point and shoot digital camera. The method we will describe in this post takes this idea one step further. Thanks to Trevor’s extensive background in astrophotography, we’ve been able…

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