Bird watching with Rudy at Short Hills Provincial Park

Colour, Colour Everywhere

The beautiful fall colours have begun to decorate this special location in Niagara.

On the holiday Monday of the Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend, Ashley and I decided to take our Black Lab/Hound mix Rudy for a hike through Short Hills Provincial Park. The weather was incredible that day with clear blue skies and temperatures hovering around 17° Celsius with a slight autumn breeze to keep us cool. Short Hills Provincial Park in St. Catharines can be a great spot to find bird species at any time of the year.

Bird Adventures Continue

We shot another video of our day for our Youtube Channel. So far the only views we have got on this channel are from friends and family, but we hope to one day provide value to amateur wildlife photographers around the world by sharing our techniques and experiences in the field. Please subscribe to our channel to keep up with our adventures!

We try to take Rudolph (Rudy for short) to as many parks and conservation areas as possible so that he can experience everything nature has to offer. He absolutely loves hiking through Short Hills and gets excited in the car when he recognizes where we are going. There is a cute clip of Rudy with his head out of the car window at the end of our latest video!

Birds at Short Hills: October 12, 2015

  • Broad-winged Hawk
  • Yellow-rumped Warbler
  • Golden-crowned Kinglet
  • Blue Jay
  • Northern Flicker
  • Downey Woodpecker
  • American Robin

About Rudolph

Rudolph is a 1 year old Black Lab/Hound mix. We think that there may also be Pit Bull Terrier in his DNA as well because of his head shape and build. Rudolph was rescued from inside of a dumpster in Louisiana by BARK Animal Rescue in December of 2014. He was named Rudolph by his rescuer because there was 9 puppies found in the dumpster, and it was close to Christmas. They named all of the dogs after Santa’s Reindeer.

Rudy is sweet, gentle, loving and full of energy. He loves every person and animal he’s ever met. He has just recently graduated from Puppy School and is now registered for the intermediate class in November. He is treated with the love and attention of a child in our household, and deserves nothing less!

Below, you will find a photograph of Yellow-rumped warbler in her fall plumage, like the one we spotted on our hike. Note the yellow “rump”, which gives the bird its name. If you have any questions about Short Hills Provincial Park or the birds you can expect to find there, please leave a comment below!

Yellow-rumped Warbler in spring
Yellow-rumped Warbler

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