200mm lens for bird photography
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Can You Use a 200mm Lens for Bird Photography?

Does a 200mm lens for bird photography exist? Many people getting started in wildlife photography begin with an entry-level camera lens with less reach (focal length) than an experienced amateur photographer will have. Back when we started bird photography, the longest lens we had was a 18-200mm zoom lens. It worked well for photographing certain species of birds, but there…

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bird photography tips
Bird Photography Tips

Bird Photography Tip: Use Light to Your Advantage

The time of day you choose to photograph birds will have a major impact on the emotion of your images. The same elements that make beautiful sunset stir up emotions in a landscape image apply to your bird photography. The key to a great bird photo is having multiple elements that come together in a one-of-a-kind scene. Effectively lighting techniques…

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St. Catharines Birds
Bird photography

Birds on the Move in St. Catharines

In this instalment of our bird photography blog, we visit some of our favourite birding spots in St. Catharines for a look at some early spring migrants. Bird Photography in St. Catharines: Early Spring Wow, what a whirlwind of weather the last few days here in Niagara. Two solid days of non-stop rain, a full day of snow to start…

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